Johnny is a friendly, professional personal trainer

Johnny is a friendly, professional personal trainer. Since I started PT with him in May 16 he has been very reliable and have really felt myself progress from starting as unfit.

- Kate Riseborough

I totally recommend him!

I love Johnny! He's been my PT for nearly a year now and he's brilliant. If you want results and don't want to get bored or lose motivation, go see Johnny =) I totally recommend him!

- Manon Pauffin

the results have been so much more than I expected

I've been having weekly training with Johnny for the last three months and the results have been so much more than I expected. I feel much stronger and toned along with weight loss. Johnny reminded me how to enjoy working out and I am confident about what I need to do when working out on my own and actually liking the gym again!

- Jocelyn Catt

Would highly recommend this tailored approach to anyone

Johny creates a focused plan around you as an individual, not a one size fits none! I hated gyms but slim gyms doesn't feel like a gym, it's small, quite, clean and johny is there to help you reach your full potential, helping to build confidence and strength. Would highly recommend this tailored approach to anyone.

- Caitlin Mckenna

I can’t recommend Johnny highly enough

I can't recommend Johnny highly enough. He is a great trainer; friendly, approachable and highly motivating. I've only been training with him a couple of months, but I've already noticed my fitness levels are improving. He keeps sessions varied and interesting and has a quality gym to boot.

- Amy McG

An excellent fitness studio

An excellent fitness studio. Am really enjoying my training there - hard work but good fun. Highly recommended.

- Susan Lapwood

I would highly recommend Johnny and Slim Gyms Studio

I would highly recommend Johnny and Slim Gyms Studio. As a trainer he understands each need and he provides great motivation. The studio offers a wide variety of equipment and exercises, without waiting around like you would in a gym. I am especially enjoying the Hypoxi-treatment offered at Slim Gym.

- Marica MacNamara

I can’t recommend Johnny enough

I can't recommend Johnny enough, especially if you have any injury or weakness issues, he is extremely knowledgeable and personally I wouldn't trust anyone else, great location and his studio is awesome


he always delivers cracking training sessions

I love the way Johnny mixes up the options; he always delivers cracking training sessions that really work!

- Sarah Law

Johnny is a superb personal trainer

Johnny is a superb personal trainer whom I've been training with for nearly four years.He has been an inspiration for my fitness regime.Definitely worth attending his training sessions which are varied,challenging and fun!

- sharon sarfaty

Would highly recommend

Johnny really knows his stuff, really encourages you to reach your goals, from warm up's to meal plans he is the complete trainer and motivator. Would highly recommend

- Tom Gates

Friendly and professional

Friendly and professional. Johnny makes you feel instantly comfortable and gets you working hard! I always feel great after a session!

- Fred La Barre

Slim-Gyms is fantastic!

Slim-Gyms is fantastic! I've never enjoyed training so much. The studio is so well equipped and I love that it's in one on one training in a private space, so much better than queuing for equipment in a busy crowded gym. Definitely recommend!

- Eli Kalcikova

Johnny is reliable, flexible and keeps the sessions challenging

Great sessions. I always feel better for them and have become stronger and feel I have good levels of endurance. Johnny is reliable, flexible and keeps the sessions challenging.

- Tom Wolfenden

Jonny is one of the nicest PT’s in Brighton

Jonny is one of the nicest PT's in Brighton. His no-nonsense manner and dedication deliver results. Always an enjoyable and progressive time spent with him. Have recommended him and will continue to do so.

- A DZ

Joining Slim Gyms is the best decision I’ve ever made

Joining Slim Gyms is the best decision I've ever made. I thought I could get the results alone but in the last 6 months training with Johnny I've noticed more results than I did in 6 years training on my own. The studio is perfect too, packed with the best equipment, theres loads of space and a really personal and motivating atmosphere. Will be keeping it up for for sure.

- James A

He’s fun, encouraging, reliable & knowledgable

My gym sessions with Johnny are great... He's fun, encouraging, reliable & knowledgable - a true delight to train with! I have always dreaded workouts, but with him, I look forward to them & each workout is different!

- Melanie Barnes

The set-up at Slim-gyms is top quality

The set-up at Slim-gyms is top quality. Johnny and the team are really well versed in personal training, they offer a holistic approach to health and fitness and I've had 1st hand experience of weight training, power-plate, boxercise, core stability and TRX training with Johnny who will always work with me to define and achieve new goals. He has meticulous attention to detail and ensures that great form and maximum results are maintained when training, he definitely knows how and when to push you that bit further too! That reminds me....I must book in for another session soon!

- MCQUILLJ McQuillan

I highly reccomend him!

Slim Gyms is great, Johnny really knows how to motivate people and every session is something new so I never get bored. He explains all the exercises you do and why you're doing them and somehow makes the really tough stuff fun. I highly reccomend him!

- Renate Parkinson

I have been training with Johnny for over 3 years now!

I have been training with Johnny for over 3 years now! He is such a great trainer and such a lovely guy! He's so motivating and really knows how to acheive and maintain results.The sessions are always just me and him in a private space so there are no distractions and the studio is so well equipped the sessions are always different and varied. My favourite is the power plate, I had used one that was in the corner of my old gym once before but I never knew how amazing they can be with the right instruction, until I had my first power plate session with Johnny. After just a 30 minute session I felt like I had done at least an hour in the gym! The vibrations make you work so much harder and I've never acheived such tone or definition through other methods of training. Training with Johnny is hard work but fun and so rewarding, cannot recommend highly enough!

- Kat Barbas

Johnny is a fantastic trainer

Johnny is a fantastic trainer , very professional and friendly. He makes you feel comfortable and encourages you to reach your goals. I have been working with him for a few months and I love the total mix of workouts I get.

- David Otero

Excellent and well-equipped studio.

Excellent and well-equipped studio. Johnny offers motivation, diet advice if you want it, individually tailored exercise programmes, and a range of equipment not available in many bigger gyms. It's Johnny's remedial work with me that's been a life saver, with exercise designed to aid recovery as well as keep me interested. Central location, and well worth the visit.

- Michelle Egan

I highly recommend 5*

Having recently signed up with Johnny I've seen an instant change in my attitude and performance compared to going to the gym on my own. Firstly the Studio is in a great location in the North lanes, so perfect for lunchtimes and before work and all the equipment is fantastic., including the Hypoxi, which I've used a couple of times! What really makes the experience great is Johnny and his team, they are personable, supportive and most importantly get the best out of me and make me work hard. I highly recommend 5

- Meesha Drew

I highly recommend Slim Gyms!

Johnny is such a great trainer he really makes you motivated and an hours training goes by so quickly!! I have learnt so much & gained so much strength in the last three months of training - I think this is the first time I've ever been training for a marathon and not picked up an injury. He pushes and challenges you but in a really friendly and helpful way. I highly recommend Slim Gyms!

- Hannah Elms

Johnny is an absolute star!

Johnny is an absolute star! The studio is spacious and light, and really well equipped. Having physical mobility issues, Johnny has really helped me work on my strength, balance and co-ordination. My body works more in tune now, and the individual support offered means I am better at using my muscles correctly, and overcompensating less with my good leg. My stamina has increased, my muscles are *really* coming on too! Every session Johnny varies the exercises to strengthen different areas, and they're never boring! Together we do free weights, power plate, TRX exercises, a little boxing, rowing, floor work for core strength... the list just goes on and on! He is truly very supportive and encouraging, and I don't know what I'd do without our sessions now! Can't recommend him highly enough!

- Emma Ottley

Great set up!

Great set up! Would definitely recommend. Actually enjoying exercise.

- Fiddlers Elbow

Just go! That is all.

Just go! That is all. On serious note, I have been training with Johnny for the last few months after a shoulder injury stopped me from my usual swimming training. Being relatively new to 'gym' workouts, Johnny has been really supportive in finding training sets that don't involve upper body. He has a great work ethos (even though he regularly makes me curse in pain) and I appreciate the fact that he also helps you keep a realistic focus on your diet to keep you on track.....I am now back into my fave dresses!

- Katie Barrell

Slim gym is the way forward

Slim gym has a key differentiator - Johnny. He is THE most experienced and dedicated PT you will find in Brighton if not more broadly. Johnny is committed and maniacal about managing you as an individual and driving results and goals, you would not necessarily believe you could push yourself to. Johnny does this with a really terrific personable manner, to make any age, size, etc feel super comfortable. Go for it, Slim gym is the way forward.

- Lisa Mckenzie

He’s dead nice too so makes working out fun

Ive worked out a number of times with Johny both outdoors and in his central Brighton gym and it always has an instant effect as Johny really knows his stuff and how to work you! I like the fresh air trees and seas stuff but have to say his lovely airy gym with its cutting edge kit even makes a not typically one for a gym type like me, actually really like it and particularly like the results he achieves. He's dead nice too so makes working out fun.

- amandaboana

Johnny is a phenomenal trainer.

Johnny is a phenomenal trainer. I have been working with him for well over a year and a half and he now trains my boyfriend as well on a weekly basis. We love the total mix of workouts we get and that they are always varied to keep it interesting and your body guessing. He is incredibly knowledgeable, motivating and a supportive trainer. I was very unfit when I began and now i exercise up to five times a week Johnny was instrumental in my journey to get fit and still is. We both highly recommend him.

- Eleanor Beach

He is the definition of a HEALTHY GREAT decision. Go for it!!

If you want to get discipline and control back to your body and diet, have fun, experience an endless range of exercises, REALLY get value for every penny you spend, work with literally one of the most genuinely great and motivational guys out there then look no further!! Johnny is so experienced he instantly knows just what exercises you need to work on and what part of your body is the weakest. I noticed a real difference after just a couple weeks training with Johnny. I felt cleaner, stronger, MUCH more self disciplined and happier overall. I was shocked by the difference after such little time. He is SUCH a real professional, dedicated, enthusiastic, you won't be disappointed on the quality of every one of his classes. Not one second goes to waste. Only Johnny KNOWS what buttons to push to keep you from giving up on yourself!!! You can count on Johnny to always keep it interesting and well paced. Fantastically attentive - highly highly recommend Johnny. He is the definition of a HEALTHY GREAT decision. Go for it!!

- Kate Welham

Johnny is one of the most motivational people I have met,

I've trained with Johnny for about a year, he is one of the most motivational people I have met, the training is always focused on current goals, and it is very easy to communicate with him. The facilities are always spotlessly clean, exceptionally well equipped and a positive environment. Since training at slim gyms I have a different, better, outlook on weight training, muscle groups and overall fitness. I would and have recommended to anyone that wants to take their fitness to the next level whichever goal you are working for, or even (like me a year ago) if you don't know together goal yourself yet.

- Christine Browne

Signing up with Slim-gyms has been excellent

Signing up with Slim-gyms has been excellent; in my training sessions with Johnny he is knowledgeable, supportive and professional. He allows me to challenge myself in a safe environment and provides me with much needed encouragement. Not only do I enjoy my varied sessions with Johnny, but they also teach me so much. The central studio is an ideal location as well as very well equipped. I would definitely recommend Slim-gyms.

- Jade Baggs

Am so glad I found Slim Gyms. I’m hooked!

I can't recommend Johnny highly enough. He is incredibly skilled, professional, knowledgeable and a really nice chap! Having not exercised for some time, I was feeling unfit and lacking in confidence. Johnny is so encouraging and supportive, he has quickly turned that around. In a matter of weeks I am slimmer, trimmer, stronger and feeling really proud of myself! Johnny keeps the sessions really interesting by varying the exercises and working on different areas of the body each week. He also gets that fine balance between challenging you, but not overwhelming you. I am amazed at what I've been able to achieve in such a short time. Am so glad I found Slim Gyms. I'm hooked!

- Jen Cain

I recommend Johnny 100%.

I went to see Johnny after being really impressed with him as a Spin instructor. He seemed to go the extra mile. This was very much my experience during personal training as well. My goal was to get in shape for my wedding and we worked out a timeline for that, which was successful. He is very good at motivating without being irritating. There is plenty of equipment to use and there was always variation so I was never bored, but was frequently absolutely knackered, in a good way. It is in a really good central location. I recommend Johnny 100%.

- Daniel Miller

no hesitation in recommending

I felt stronger and motivated really quickly. Would have no hesitation in recommending

- Fiona Symons

I couldn’t recommend Johnny highly enough!

I wanted to start using a personal trainer after becoming complacent with the exercise I was doing on my own in the gym. The thought of training with a PT was a little intimating however Johnny is extremely friendly and has made me feel really comfortable and confident about training one on one. I have been training with Johnny for about 3 months and he never fails to make each work out different. I always look forward to the next session to learn something new and find out ways to improve my fitness. Not only are the sessions challenging (which I love) they are also fun and have taken the results to a level I wouldn’t reach on my own! I’ve lost weight, toned up and become much stronger...I couldn’t recommend Johnny highly enough!

- Hollie Greener

highly recommend him to anyone

Having trained with various different trainers over the passed few years Johnny is by far the best one I've come across. Unlike other trainers, his sessions are completely personal to you and he really knows the best way to cater to your body to get the best results. He is the friendliest guy & has a great set up in a modern, private studio gym with great equipment to make working out that little bit more interesting. I started seeing results after 2 weeks and my confidence & drive to workout came pretty much instantly! Honestly couldn't fault him at all and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to up the fitness in their lives or to anyone who just needs a little push!

- Jeyda Hassan

Great personal training sessions

Great personal training sessions with a fantastic and a highly motivated trainer. Highly recommend this place as you have the whole studio with all the equipment to take advantage of, with no waiting around time that you get in busy gyms

- nima shahroozi

Jarvis is a highly professional trainer

Jarvis is a highly professional trainer that took time to see where my strengths and weaknesses were. His tailored exercises really pushed me and his knowledge of how I could tweak exercises that I thought I knew well enlightened me in how to get the most out of them. Insightful, knowledgable and dedicated. Perfect man to help push you and show you limits that you never thought you could reach.

- Marcus Morris

I can highly recommend Slim Gyms!

The vision of going to gym on my own was terrifying but after 2 months of training with Johnny I feel much stronger and healthier. I can highly recommend Slim Gyms!

- Anna Bernard

I couldn’t recommend Johnny and Slim-Gyms enough.

I've used a few personal trainers over the years, and I couldn't recommend Johnny and Slim-Gyms enough. As an older man it can be a bit daunting working out, but Johnny made me feel completely at ease. He understands that a 50-year-old is different from a 20-year-old, and tailors my work outs accordingly. They are tough, but appropriate for someone of my age and fitness level. He's also a super nice guy and laughs at my jokes, so that's a plus.

- David Broadus


LOVE IT! For someone who hates gym this is the perfect option Johnny is not only a very well trained professional, but also a super cool person who makes the experience quite enjoyable. Location, prices and availability-a plus. And one more thing: he's always offering bananas if you're low on energy and you need a boost before a training session

- Ramona Petri